Evo has a love for making his own 10 commandments. The first set came with some assistance from a key figure in his 2006 campaign: Walter Chávez, former chief editor of culture for the La Paz paper Hoy. He based Evo’s campaign on the five points of Salvador Allende (Chile’s famous left-wing president), changing it to 10 commandments:

  1. Hydrocarbon nationalization
  2. Gas industrialization
  3. Constituent Assembly
  4. Law against corruption
  5. Law of state austerity
  6. Tariff regulation for public services
  7. Land reform
  8. Ease restrictions on coca farmers
  9. Reduce poverty among the indigenous population
  10. Increase taxes on the wealthy

Evo’s 10 commandments to save the planet (UN speech in NY on October 9, 2008):

  1. End capitalism
  2. Renounce war
  3. End imperialism
  4. Access to water as a human right
  5. Stop using agro-fuels
  6. Stop treating Mother Earth as a commodity
  7. Water, electricity, education and health need to be considered human rights
  8. To consume what is needed, prioritize what we produce and consume locally, end consumerism, decadence and luxury.
  9. To promote the diversity of cultures and economies
  10. To Live Well (building a communitarian socialism)