Two weeks ago we were blessed with Mom/Ana Maria’s visit to Santa Cruz, which meant that our social calendar got a facelift and our wine intake tripled. The ongoing medical strike in Bolivia allowed for plenty of time for long lunches, “little” family get-togethers, and beautifying at the peluqueria.

One of my favorite memories was a visit to my aunt Ketty’s house. Daughter of a furniture maker, Ketty and her brother Marcelo Callau were destined to be artists. Marcelo, an often provocative sculpter, was locally famous until his untimely death. Ketty still lives in the family house and workshop amd now continues the family tradition, working with wood (the preferred medium of the family). Like most artitsts, Ketty has her “phases.” Two years ago she loved the concept of butterflies. Currently, her inspiration is the flower birds of paradise. My mom has wonderful memories of visiting Ketty’s house as a little girl when Santa Cruz was still very much a pueblo and family and friends, as well as the Cathedral and main plaza, were all within walking distance. Though Santa Cruz has lost some of its small-town charm due to its rapid growth, visits with family and friends will always be cherished. We can’t wait to see you in San Antonio, Mom/Ana Maria!