After overindulging on a few too many alfajores, we decided to look for a gym. Little did we know this was more difficult than we had anticipated. Gyms (and especially decent gyms) are hard to come by in Bolivia. After nearly dying of heat exhaustion at the gym close to our apartment which lacks air conditioning and rejecting another gym with 80’s equipment and music, we settled on an American gym with new equipment.

Welcome to Premier Fitness, where the official language is Portuguese (LOTS of Brazilians); low-cut, neon-colored, and spandex body suits are strongly encouraged; sweating and raising your heart rate are frowned upon; and flirting with meat head trainers is the name of the game.

While at first we were a little annoyed when people would sit on the weight-lifting machines to text, our crazy gym has kept us entertained. While pretending to listen to music on our iphones we’ve started to take clandestine photos. Here’s our attempt to be US Weekly photographers.