On Sunday afternoon, we finally repaid (in part) the Añez clan for one of our favorite Bolivian past-times: leisurely, family lunches. We made Indian food for the occasion: chicken tikka masala, channa masala, spinach paneer, rice, and mango lassis. Everyone left full and happy, and we’re still working on the left-overs!

Later, Hugo (Carolina’s grandfather) invited us to our first South American soccer game. In classic Hugo style, we arrived to the stadium at 4:30pm, well over 1/2 hour before his team had shown up for warm-up. Hugo has been visiting the stadium and sitting in the same spot for over 50 years. Needless to say, most people at the stadium know him (and stop to greet “Don Hugo”) and we were able to slip through the front entrance as his non-paying, honorary guests.

Armed with his portable radio, Hugo gave us screaming updates on line-up changes, scores of other Bolivian matches, and other unsolicited information. Clearly, it was quite an experience and a good time. Hugo’s team, Blooming, beat Cochabamba 2-0 in a yellow-card-filled game.