We arrived in Santiago late last night and were immediately impressed with the city. From our first few encounters with Chileans, they come across incredibly congenial. We purchased fresh juice in the airport ($3) and were served samples of different kinds when we didn’t understand the available options. Our taxi driver welcomed us to his city by giving us a quick overview of the main attractions, directions, points of orientation, and the food. By the end of the ride, he was quizzing us on where different attractions were, what direction we were driving, etc.

The city is very European and clean. This morning we went for a nice run through part of downtown, on gravel park trails, and into the Bohemian neighborhood of Bella Vista. Unlike Bolivia, we had cars politely yield to us and wave for us to cross!

Here are some pictures of the main plaza. You can expect us to explore and know more of the city tomorrow after the Spicy Chile free walking tour!