It’s a fine line to walk between being an elitist/hippy versus an environmental steward. When you’re poor, the decision is easier; it is made for you. Buy what you can. But, to those whom much is given, much is expected.

We are big believers that, as consumers, our money votes for our values. Whether it be organic vs. conventional, meat vs. veggies, or fair trade chocolate vs. Hershey’s, our daily purchases tell companies and the rest of the world where our priorities lie. Our money fuels justice and injustice alike.

Underlying our daily actions is a moral dilemma. As Dostoevsky so brilliantly unveiled in his great masterpiece, The Brothers Karamazov, thoughts carry just as much moral responsibility as actions. Even non-thoughts – what we choose to neglect and not think about – constitute our moral stature.

Have you ever thought about how your chocolate gets from the tree where it is grown to where it melts in your mouth? This is an interesting article about the Batays (small, extremely undeveloped, rural communities along the Haiti-DR border), where Dan helped conduct medical clinics nearly 2 years ago. The article speaks of how fair trade chocolate has changed the lives of one family.

Here’s another interesting website to read more on fair trade: