Today, we took a step towards being truly Bolivian by hosting our first churrasco. Churrasco (“barbecuing”) here is like tail-gating before a college football game at a state school: it’s practically a mandatory, weekly affair. Most of the homes and apartment complexes come equipped with some form of churresqueria. Our building is no exception to this rule, with a great, built-in churresqueria space on the top floor.

This affair basically consists of a lot of eating, drinking (wine, beer, etc.), laughing, and it triumphantly ends in a siesta. Ironically un cafecito (“a small cup of coffee”) is the parting touch that sends you to your resting place (how this works, we couldn’t begin to explain…Ana Maria, can you?).

Here are some photos of our first churrasco with the family and our project supervisors (they are pictured with their baby).

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p.s. Thanks to all the Añez family for coming, cooking, and cleaning!