All from personal experience in Bolivia & Peru…

5. Your taxi driver tells your wife 15 Bolivianos, then takes one look at your big gringo self and decides to raise the price

4. Your taxi driver is still in puberty, and, when stopped at a random check point, is found to be without a license, insurance, or any other necessary documents; he bribes the police 20 soles to continue

3.  Your taxi driver swerves into oncoming traffic and takes over a lane because he’s tired of sitting in traffic

2. Your taxi driver stalls in the middle of the highway…on railroad tracks (luckily we weren’t in this taxi; we just dodged it)

1. When passing a sign reading, “El Mirador, 4026m,” at a mountain top overlooking the land outside of La Paz, your taxi driver takes both hands off the wheel, raises one to the sky where his eyes are fixed and makes the sign of the cross with the other